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Trevy McDonald Posts

“I wanted certain kinds of books, and since they weren’t available, I would write them.” –Toni Morrison

Introduction for Toni Morrison at Borders Beverly (Chicago), November 2003 by Trevy McDonald Literary Pioneer Scholar Award-Winning Author Toni Morrison’s work has been the focus of scholarly paper presentations, numerous articles, and feature films which explore self-definition of Black women. A 1953 graduate of Howard University, she received her master’s degree from Cornell University and embarked on a teaching career which took her first to Texas Southern then to her alma mater, Howard University, before…

Women Supporting Women

Female friendship has long been a common topic in literature, movies, and television. From classics like Little Women to the newer (and still classic) Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, stories have always been told through women supporting each other. It’s nice to see stories that focus on women talking and interacting with each other about anything and everything under the sun, from their work lives to personal lives. So often we see storylines about women…

Gather “Round” for a Chat with Author Dr. Trevy A. McDonald

Round ’Bout Midnight is the sequel to my 1999 debut novel Time Will Tell. I decided to write Time Will Tell as my ten-year high school reunion was approaching. I had a few close friends in high school, but we lost contact when we attended college in different parts of the country. I wondered how our lives might have turned out if we had maintained contact and supported each other through the years.